Fukuoka: The Japanese City of Pastels and Silence

This week I took some time over Korean ‘Seollal’ (Lunar New Year) to travel to Fukuoka, Japan. If you haven’t been keeping up with my life in South Korea, be sure to follow my main blog Jo So Ko. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may know that I have travelled to Japan on many occasions (this being my sixth time) but have never visited the cities on the island of Kyushu, Japan’s southwesternmost island. Arriving here yesterday definitely felt like the Japan I knew with the punctual subway system, the endless selection of tasty Japanese snacks at the convenience stores and the chatter of the Japanese language everywhere I went. However, this city feels eerily different. The roads are flat, the streets are quiet, the cars drive without a honk, the buildings stay low to the skyline and the people are extremely friendly, like super friendly.

I think I’m having this reaction to these unfamiliar yet comforting Japanese surroundings perhaps because the last time I was in Japan, I did not have such a fun experience. Back in January 2018, I was staying alone in Tokyo in a 3cm x 1mm Airbnb and could barely muster the courage to walk the chaotic yet lifeless streets of Japan’s capital city. By contrast, this small city on the opposite end of Japan feels like the manicured city that serves as the backdrop in ‘The Truman Show’. Wes Anderson could definitely create a Dr. Seuss inspired mystery movie in this city with little need to adjust the colours or quaintness of the buildings.

To have a bit of fun, I decided to go a bit unorthodox with the editing of the photographs I took today. I hope that you enjoy them! Japan, it’s great to be back! I hope to see more of the beautiful Fukuoka over the next two days. I will be back here with more posts but it is likely they will be spread out throughout February as I am quite focussed on my other blog! Let me know what you think about Fukuoka in the comments below!

Jo Yori!










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